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We're sharing a unique space to learn from each other and enrich the human skills essential for thriving in an unpredictable future.It's a mastermind, podcast, skills workshop, learning hub & community support network - all rolled in one.

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  • Weekly online sessions - deepen your understanding on topics that matter in a unique, straight-talking but supportive environment

  • Be part of the Humble Mind podcast - join us as we welcome diverse guest speakers from around the world on a wide variety of various topics

  • Deep perspective sharing - each session promotes honest, open dialogue, accountability for your personal development and encouraging you to do the work

  • World-class community platform - gain access to great features including member-led sessions, community courses and exciting monthly challenges

  • Global Humble Mind Network - dive into our impressive support network of professionals from over 25 countries communities and connect with like minds!

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Founder Alex Searle often found himself in roles supporting others on their journey, yet grappled with a lack of support for his own.It was this realisation that sparked the creation of a space dedicated to supporting coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs and digital professionals in forging meaningful connections, finding purpose in their lives, mastering interpersonal skills to future-proof their careers and building better businesses.Our community mission is to empower 10,000 individuals by 2030, creating the world's foremost community for transformative personal and professional growth.

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